How the electronic signature can be used in the tourism sector

Uses of electronic signature in tourism sector

Tourism has been one of the most demanding sectors hit by the restrictions on movement imposed in many countries due to the Covid-19 crisis. This has triggered the sector’s digital transformation, with all its inherent processes being made more agile to increase its profitability. To this end, using the electronic signature in the tourism sector …

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How to Use the Electronic Signature on Smartphones

La firma electrónica en el móvil

Over the last decade, the use of smartphones has become ubiquitous. We now use our smartphones for everything, from searching for information online, getting GPS directions, shopping, logging into social networks, working, sending emails, and much more. With the ongoing pandemic, working and signing documents remotely has become routine. What’s more, according to data from …

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Using the Electronic Signature in Public and Health Services

In recent years, public and health services have undergone a significant digital transformation, and many administrative processes (including filing taxes, making appointments, and downloading documents) are now performed electronically. Consequently, the use of the electronic signature in public and health services is becoming more prevalent, streamlining numerous processes and offering significant advantages to these sectors. …

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What is a timestamp and why is it important for electronic signatures?

Qué es el sellado del tiempo

When a document such as a lease is signed, it is essential to document the exact time it was signed to determine its duration and the entry into force of the obligations it regulates. In this sense, the time stamp of an electronic signature guarantees the date and time when the signature occurred, making the …

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Advantages of Using the Electronic Signature for your Clients

Benefits of electronic signature

We have covered the advantages of using the electronic signature for companies in previous posts. However, it is essential to mention that the electronic signature also offers several significant advantages for clients. In this article, we will discuss the numerous advantages of using the electronic signature for your clients, as well as the different ways …

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Questions to ask your provider of electronic signature software

What to ask an electronic signature software

Investing in new technologies has become a necessity for companies that need to remain competitive in increasingly saturated markets. One of the most effective tools to make yourself stand out from the competition is the electronic signature. However, before implementing this innovative technology, you may be wondering what questions you should ask your provider of …

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Advantages of using Cloud Signature

Cloud signature benefits

Cloud-based tools have been indispensable for many companies during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, as they have allowed them to continue operating without disruptions. Specifically, the cloud signature has been gaining popularity among many modern businesses, improving their efficiency and services. In fact, according to data published by Click & Sign, the use of the electronic …

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Pros of using electronic signatures in insurance

Electronic signature in insurance sector

Due to the ongoing pandemic, insurance companies have been under pressure to accelerate their digital transformation, prompting the development of new tools to improve automation, streamline processes and connect more effectively with insurance clients and brokers. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using electronic signatures in the insurance sector. Why is digital …

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How does e-signatures enhance corporate social responsibility?

Electronic signature and corporate social responsibility

During the last year, many companies’ expectations, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have changed as entrepreneurs have become aware that they must be ready for rapid changes in the market and that it is essential to promote corporate social responsibility to take care of our environment and to be committed to sustainability. Today’s post is …

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