How to Use the Electronic Signature on Smartphones

Over the last decade, the use of smartphones has become ubiquitous. We now use our smartphones for everything, from searching for information online, getting GPS directions, shopping, logging into social networks, working, sending emails, and much more. With the ongoing pandemic, working and signing documents remotely has become routine. What’s more, according to data from Click & Sign, the use of electronic signatures has increased by 600% when comparing results from December 2019 and December 2020. But how can the electronic signature be used on smartphones? And can we sign a document with our smartphone? We will answer these questions below.

The Digital 2021 report published by Hootsuite revealed a surprising fact: there are now more smartphones than people in Spain. Specifically, there are 54.34 million connected mobile phones and only 47,35 million inhabitants. In addition, there are now 5.2 billion mobile phones worldwide that represent two-thirds of the planet’s population.

Moreover, based on the Rastreator report from July 2020, Spanish people use smartphones for an average of four hours and ten minutes each day, representing an increase of 22% compared to the previous two years.

How to use the electronic signature on smartphones

The procedure for using the electronic signature with a smartphone is straightforward and involves the following steps:

  • First, you should register on the Click & Sign electronic signature platform to receive your username and password. Moreover, you will receive 28 free credits to help you familiarise yourself with this tool.
  • Next, you can create the template for the signing process, specifying the following:
  • The type of signature you want to use (including a signature applied with a click of a button, a biometric signature, a signature with a one-time code, etc.).
  • The activation process of the signature button (for example, you can set it to only become activated when the signer includes the required documentation, ID, or passport).
  • The text of the email or SMS that the signer will receive.
  • Then, you can upload the specific document to be signed (such as a contract or a letter).
  • Finally, you can send the SMS or email to the signer, who will receive it on their smartphone. Next, the process includes the following steps:
  • The signer opens the link they have received on their smartphone via email or SMS to access the document to be signed.
  • The signer does not need to create a Click & Sign account; instead, they can simply review the document, fill in the form, attach any required documents, sign it in the established form and submit it.
  • Once the process is completed, the sender will receive a copy of the signed document.
  • By using the control panel, the sender can monitor the signing process and determine whether one or more signers still need to provide their signatures. Once the signatures have been added to the document, the sender will be able to download the signed document, the attached documents and access information, including the email addresses of each signer, their mobile phone numbers, and the date and time of the signature(s). Consequently, the signed document can be used as valid evidence in court.

Advantages of signing documents using your smartphone

Smartphones are part of our daily lives, and we always have them on hand. Furthermore, using the electronic signature to sign documents using our smartphone provides several significant advantages, including the following:

  • You can sign documents using your smartphone from anywhere. For instance, if the signer is located in another city or unavailable for a meeting, they can sign contracts and other documents from any location with an Internet connection.
  • It reduces costs since there is no need to travel to sign documents, reducing the use of fuel, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainability.
  • It saves space because companies no longer need to store physical copies of documents. Electronic signature providers also store documents for a determined period to be downloaded when needed.
  • It improves customer satisfaction. Users want immediacy, and companies can offer it with the electronic signature with a smartphone since they can quickly sign contracts and documents.

In summary, using the electronic signature with smartphones is an effective way to promote both the digital transformation of your company and its corporate social responsibility. In contrast, electronic signature with smartphones is an effective way to promote the digital transformation of your company and its corporate social responsibility while attracting more customers and increasing their level of satisfaction.

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