Breakthrough: Click & Sign revolutionizes electronic signatures in Spain’s insurance sector via CIMA

A groundbreaking stride in our collaboration with TIREA (Information Technologies and Networks for Insurance Entities, S.A.)!

The successful integration of Click & Sign’s electronic signature project into CIMA, TIREA’s middleware, signals a digital revolution in Spain’s insurance domain.

Empowering over 130 associated insurers, this integration facilitates seamless electronic document signing through Click & Sign. Notably, Zurich Insurance has already harnessed this solution through CIMA, optimising their operational efficiency. The goal? Streamlining insurer workflows, slashing costs, and expediting electronic document management. Click & Sign offers diverse signature options, from OTP to digital certificates, tailored to insurers’ unique requirements.

Key features of Click & Sign

  • Varied signature types: OTP, digital certificates, and OTP + handwritten
  • Flexible contact channels with policyholders: Registered SMS, email, or web2web redirection
  • Secure custody, evidence provision, and timestamping for up to 10 years (extendable), offering documentary evidence in multiple languages, including Spanish.
  • Reminder settings via email and/or SMS and language selection per transaction

Beyond the tech

  • Recognised as a Certification Authority and Qualified Trust Service Provider under eIDAS, along with our role as a Telecommunications Operator
  • In-house technology for OTP generation and delivery, eliminating third-party involvement.
  • Potential service expansion, including digital certificate issuance and consent collection before signing.
  • Through the same APIs, we ensure reliable notifications for policy renewals, debt recovery, and ASNEF inclusion.

This milestone fuels our excitement, spearheading tech advancements in Spain’s insurance landscape. Our unwavering commitment continues as we innovate with Click & Sign, reshaping industry practices.

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