Remote signing of an arras contract

If your company works in the real estate sector and wants to simplify signing contracts to your clients, the electronic signature is the solution for you. This post tells you how to sign an arras contract remotely and the benefits this type of contract offers.

An arras contract is a document that is usually signed between buyer and seller as a commitment to a future sale and purchase. As evidence of this commitment, the buyer gives the seller an amount of money as a deposit. The arras contract is signed to prove the delivery, which can be penal, penitential or confirmatory.

How to sign an arras contract remotely?

For many years, the signing of an arras contract was carried out in face-to-face meetings, which meant a considerable amount of time, as the parties had to travel, and of resources, as they had to use means of transport that required fuel and the document had to be printed out on paper.

Sometimes, if the parties could not meet, the alternative was to sign two copies of the contract on one party, send them to the other party for signature, and return a signed copy to the party who signed first. This process is time-consuming and can lead to potential problems as the document may be altered, or the signature may have been tampered

All the aforementioned difficulties can be avoided by signing the arras contract electronically, remotely. There are different types of electronic signature; however, the most advisable in this case is an advanced electronic signature, which offers the following benefits:

  • It is uniquely linked to the signer.
  • It is created by means that the signer can keep it under its exclusive control.
  • Proves that the document has not been tampered

Therefore, the signing of an arras contract remotely by electronic signature is entirely valid and reliable.

How does the electronic signature guarantee the signing of a remote arras contract?

When an arras contract is electronically signed remotely using the electronic signature, a document called the evidence document is issued, a PDF document including all the electronic evidence of the signature process:

  • Data of the registered emails or registered SMS sent and received: content, email addresses, mobile phone number, IPs of the process, dates and times of each communication.
  • Documents signed.
  • Technical annexes.
  • OTP, Click-to-Sign or biometric signature.
  • Attachments.

The documentary evidence is digitally signed with a time stamp by the Certification Authority to protect it against fraudulent tampering. Your electronic signature provider will keep this document, and you will be able to download it whenever you need it.

How do I sign a remote arras contract with Click & Sign?

The steps to sign a remote arras contract with Click & Sign platform are listed below:

  • The first thing you will need to do is register on the platform with your data to get a username and password.
  • To test how the platform works, we give you 28 free welcome credits.
  • Next, you will be ready to create the template for the electronic signature process by setting up elements such as:
    • Basic data
    • How signatories will be notified (SMS, email, etc.).
    • Types of signature to be used (click on a button, OTP or biometric signature).
    • Signatory documentation.
    • Notices and notifications.
  • The next step is to upload the arras contract that you wish to sign. You must upload it to the platform in PDF format.
  • Lastly, you will send the document, and you will be able to monitor, through the tool, who has signed and who has not the date of signature and the documents attached, and other information.
  • As we previously mentioned, you will be able to download the documentary evidence with all the information of the signature process of the arras contract so that there will be evidence of all the steps carried out and of the signatures.

With Click & Sign, you pay per use; there are no fees, so you know, at any time, the amount you are going to spend. Additionally, Click & Sign provides an electronic signature API that fully integrates with your company’s applications such as a CRM, an ERP or a mobile app.

As mentioned above, signing an arras contract remotely through electronic signature is a basic, totally secure and environmentally friendly process that will allow you to speed up the paperwork and ensure that your clients are pleased without delays or lengthy, cumbersome procedures.

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