Typical uses of the electronic signature

Can you sign work or rental contract with an electronic signature? Definitely yes. This post tells what electronic signatures are used for by companies.

The electronic signature represents a revolution in the relationships between companies and their clients, not only in terms of efficiency but also in agility and response time reduction Any department of your company can use it, and it will provide benefits such as customer, supplier and worker satisfaction, among others.

What is the electronic signature commonly used for?

The use of the electronic signature is increasingly widespread,  at Click & Sign, if we compare December 2019 and December 2020, there has been an increase in the use of the electronic signature of over 600%. Let’s analyse its most common uses:

– Sign agreements. Many agreements that can be signed with an electronic signature, for example:

o Lease agreement. The electronic signature of a lease agreement for a home, business premises or office, for example, is valid as long as it can be proved that there is consent from the signatories. In these cases, due to the level of security required, the advanced electronic signature is usually used, which has the following characteristics:

– is linked to the signatory in a unique way.

– is capable of identifying the signer.

– It must be created using data that the signatory can use with trust and has exclusive control.

– It is linked to the signed data, so the document cannot be modified.

Work contracts. The use of the electronic signature is also valid for contracts since the Statute of Workers Rights establishes that it can be entered into in writing or orally. The Civil Code regulates that in contracts concluded through automatic devices; there is consent from the moment it is accepted. The electronic signature in work contracts allows geolocation, data encryption and time stamping.

Contracts with clients. Companies that provide services such as those in the telecommunications sector or those that sell products tend to attend fairs or have stands at airports, stations or shopping malls to attract customers. In these cases, they need to do a quick on-site contract, securing the customer. The electronic signature allows this agility and the possibility of signing the contract from anywhere and at any time.

Authorising signatures. For example, in certain cases, that of a repair of machinery or an electrical appliance, it may be necessary to use the electronic signature to approve to repair, especially when it is a high cost Authorisations may also be required for medical treatments, surgeries or tests are performed in which it is necessary to sign an informed consent.

– Non-disclosure agreements. Within business, the use of NDAs is quite common; for example, a company enters into deals with others for a merger and does not want the information about the operation to be disclosed. Another scenario is that of the employees of a company who must keep secrecy about the organisation’s activity In these cases, the electronic signature is used to sign confidentiality agreements easily and quickly.

– Signature of public administration applications. For a long time, requests to the public administration or private companies are becoming more widespread. The signature process must be simple so that the maximum number of signatures can be obtained, and that is why we are committed to using the electronic signature.

– Electronic invoices. Electronic invoices are not mandatory in Spain except in certain cases, but if you must use and sign them in your company, the use of the electronic signature can significantly ease the process and improve the company’s image with your clients.

Signature of letters and budgets. Across all of the company’s business activity, letters are usually signed by employees, suppliers or customers. Occasionally, there is the possibility of using Registered email, but you can send a signed letter with an electronic signature too. On the other hand, if a client must sign a budget, it is very convenient for them to do so by electronic signature so that your company can start providing the service as soon as possible and billing that new client.

As you have seen, the use of the electronic signature can be extended to your company’s departments: human resources, administrative, financial, sales, marketing, management. The key is to make document signing processes easier and save time to focus on bringing added value to the business.


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