Benefits of electronic signature for a Call Center

Companies that have a call centre may find that few contracts are closed and signed despite the faultless customer service provided by the teleoperators. Then you may wonder: How is this happening? What am I doing wrong? The paperwork involved in signing contracts and the amount of time it takes is one reason that prevents you from signing contracts and increasing your customer base. If all this paperwork is not easy for your customers, they will surely get tired and go to your competitors. Today’s article is about the benefits and uses of the electronic signature for a Call Center.

Due to the spread of the Internet and the digitization of companies, consumers have become familiar with the ease and simplicity of doing business with just a click of the mouse or with their cell phones. To reach these customers who demand immediacy and ease of use, it is essential that you make your company move forward towards digital transformation and the electronic signature is one of the fundamental steps.

What are the benefits of the electronic signature for a Call Center?

Using the electronic signature for a Call Center means a great benefit since it brings the following benefits:

It helps closing sales in seconds. Using the electronic signature, during the call, the Call Center agent can send the potential customer the contract to be signed and receive it signed in just a few seconds so that the sale will be closed quickly and there will be no customer leakage.

Increases productivity. Agents can focus on selling and processing the signature in an automated way, therefore, attending to more customers and increasing their productivity.

Turn your customers into ambassadors of your brand. Due to the speed and efficiency of the electronic signature process, a satisfied customer will not only come back and may contract more services and products with your company but will also recommend you to others.

Improving the company’s image. With the electronic signature, you will be able to transmit an innovative image to your customers and differentiate yourself from your competitors, so you will attract new customers and retain the ones you already have.

Boost corporate social responsibility. The electronic signature helps your company be more sustainable and boosts its corporate social responsibility since no paper is used, no electricity is needed for printing, and no gasoline is needed for travel.

– Legal validity. The European eIDAS Regulation and the Law governing some aspects of electronic trust services recognize the validity of electronic signatures. As a result, it is a signature with full legal validity, and it can be used as evidence in court.

Which are the uses of electronic signatures in a Call Center?

Electronic signatures for a Call Center can be used for a wide range of different uses, for example:

– Signing contracts for the provision of services or the sale of products (telecommunications or utility).

Signature of agreements for rate changes.

– Signature of new services or products contracting.

Signature of long-term agreements

Signature of guarantees.

– Signature of documents related to the protection of personal data, confidentiality agreements or informed consent

There is a wide variety of applications depending on the Call Center’s activity.

So how does the electronic signature process work at a Call Center?

The process of the electronic signature of a contract or any other document required by a Call Center is very simple:

– The sending of the contract is configured (recipient, signature method), and the documentation to be attached by the recipient, etc.).

The contract is sent. The delivery can be done by registered email or registered SMS.

– The recipient receives an email or SMS with a link to the web page with the document to be signed.

– The document is signed using an OTP that can be received by SMS or simply clicking on a signature button. It is possible that the button is not activated or the OTP is not received until the user uploads some documents such as an ID card or payslip.

– Finally, the company receives the contract signed, and an electronic evidence document is generated containing all the data of the signing process: emails and phone numbers that have been used, dates and times of all the sendings, IPs, etc.

As a result, the use of electronic signature for a Call Center is an excellent opportunity to make the company grow and generate a trusting relationship with customers while enhancing the employees’ work in the Call Center.

If you have any doubt about how to implement the electronic signature in a Call Center, Click & Sign can help you.

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