Digitize your SME with simple solutions

Digitizing a company is essential to compete in flooded markets that are providing or selling services similar to the ones you offer. However, digitizing a company does not mean investing large amounts of money to drive the digital transformation of your business, but you can implement simple solutions that will improve your daily life. In this post we give you some easy-to-implement ideas that will allow you to renew your business and attract new customers.

Why digitize your company?

Digitization has become an obligation rather than an option, but why is it important to digitize a company?

Find out here:

– If you do not want to fall behind your competitors, you should start the digitization of your business: they are already on it.

– You will improve the experience of your customer who will feel better attended and will have at their disposal all the information about their products or services.

– You will keep up to the state-of-the-art technology.

– You will expand business opportunities since you will be able to get in touch with new clients both in your country and abroad and increase the visibility of your company.

– Sales will grow up due to more business opportunities.

– You will reduce costs and increase profitability.

– All this will result in greater satisfaction for your workers and to achieve a positive impact on the working atmosphere.

Ideas to digitize your company

If you want to bet on digitizing your company, here are a few good ideas:

– Digitize documents. Forget about hard copies and welcome digital documents. For example, in a law firm the digitization of documents will allow them to be found easily and have all processes controlled. On the other hand, in a restaurant the menu should be accessible via a QR Code.

– Create a web page. You may have already done it, but creating a website is the condition for your business to be successful. In addition, there are several options to create free websites if you are starting your business or do not have a lot of money to invest. Remember that your website needs to have a responsive design adapted to SEO and dynamic.

– Use social networks. Social networks have become an excellent tool to give visibility to brands and attract customers. But creating a profile is not enough, you have to be active: comment on other people’s posts, respond to your users and make periodic publications, among other actions. On the other hand, if you can make a small investment, you can use advertising on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

– Go for e-commerce. Online purchases increased during the COVID-19 lockdown and many companies took the step to digitize their businesses combining online and physical stores.

– Digitize your catalogue. You may not want to create an online store yet, but you want to digitize your business. A good option is to digitize the catalogue of your products and share it on your website and on social networks so that customers can place orders.

– Use the electronic signature. In your business you will need to sign documents: contracts with suppliers or clients, letters, communications, offers, etc. To help you with this process saving time and money, you can use electronic signature from your mobile at any time. For Click & Sign, you pay per use and with no fees.

– Measure your results digitally. One of the great advantages of digitizing a company is that (almost) everything can be measured. You will know where your customers are, what products or services are more profitable or what strategic decisions you can make in your business based on real data, among many other aspects.

Forge alliances. We must be able to adapt to changes. For example, in the case of restaurants reinventing themselves as delivery services or forging alliances with food delivery companies in order to survive due to the mandatory closures.

Modify your business. As stated in the previous section, many businesses have had to reinvent themselves. For example, the capacity restrictions on gyms and its closure led to online workouts. The same happened with training centres teaching by video conferencing.

Digitizing the company is essential for having future prospects and continue to grow and, as you have seen, effort, creativity, and the ability to adapt to change are essential.

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