Some misconceptions about advanced electronic signatures

Misconceptions about advanced electronic signatures

In the early days, many technological innovations led to uncertainties, and this has been (and continues to be) the case with advanced electronic signatures. Sometimes, lack of information or misinformation generates concerns, and we may have misconceptions about advanced electronic signatures. This post tells you about the most common misconceptions and provides you with all …

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Benefits of the electronic signature in the logistics and transport sector

Electronic signature in the logistics and transport sector

Currently, there are many companies in the logistics and transport sector. It is estimated that this type of companies employ more than 11 million people in Europe and represent around 14% of the European GDP. Today’s post is about the benefits of electronic signature in the logistics and transport sector. Transportation and logistics were central to …

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Reasons to sign an NDA electronically: benefits and steps to take

Como firmar un nda electronicamente y para qué sirve

In inter-company relations or between employees and suppliers and companies, sensitive information is often handled whose public knowledge could cause damage to the organization, so it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement. In this post, we want to tell you the benefits and the steps to follow to sign an NDA electronically. The NDA …

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Electronic signature in Temporary Employment Agencies

Firma electrónica en empresas de trabajo temporal

The electronic signature is a technology that benefits any business because all companies have to sign documents every day.  Temporary Employment Agencies prove no exception. In this post, we tell you the benefits of using the electronic signature for a temporary employment agency. Temporary employment agencies (TEAs) have been around for years and are of …

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Practical tips for the digital transformation of SMEs

transformación digital en las pymes

Every entrepreneur knows that the digital transformation of SMEs is essential to remain competitive, so they strive to change their business and adapt to new markets. However, implementing the transformation process is not that easy. In this post, we give you some keys to making it a success. The crisis caused by COVID-19 has forced …

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Typical uses of the electronic signature

usos frecuentes de la firma electrónica

Can you sign work or rental contract with an electronic signature? Definitely yes. This post tells what electronic signatures are used for by companies. The electronic signature represents a revolution in the relationships between companies and their clients, not only in terms of efficiency but also in agility and response time reduction Any department of …

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What kind of documents can be signed with an electronic signature?

Documentos que se pueden firmar con la firma electronica

Do you want to maintain the good economic health of your company and optimise your resources? Entrepreneurs are increasingly aware that improving the economy of their company requires the digital transformation of the business. A business website or several social media profiles alone is not enough for a fundamental organisational culture. In this respect, the …

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What is an electronic signature? What are the potential use cases?

what is the electronic signature and how can it help you

The traditional way of working is changing due to digital transformation in businesses. Companies handle documents that need to be signed daily and when physically managed, they involve time-consuming validation processes. This post points out how to improve these processes and what an electronic signature is and its potential use cases. What is an electronic …

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