Digital transformation of companies: Keys to the successful

transformacion digital de las pymes y grandes empresas

The digital transformation of companies is currently an ongoing process. The crisis caused by COVID-19 has forced SMEs to accelerate their digitization process overnight. As a result, Technologies play a relevant role soon and play a significant role in the company’s growth and development. The truth is that there is still an ongoing misunderstanding as …

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Basics remote working tools

herramientas imprescindibles para el teletrabajo

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, many workers have adopted remote working and new tools to ease their daily lives. This post tells some remote working tips and what technologies can enhance and improve your working tasks. According to CaixaBank records, 32.6% of all employees in Spain could potentially carry out their work remotely; however, …

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Digitize your SME with simple solutions

Digitaliza tu empresa con soluciones sencillas

Digitizing a company is essential to compete in flooded markets that are providing or selling services similar to the ones you offer. However, digitizing a company does not mean investing large amounts of money to drive the digital transformation of your business, but you can implement simple solutions that will improve your daily life. In …

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Electronic signature and go paperless

Firma electrónica para gasto 0 de papel

Did you know that 15 trees are needed to produce a ton of paper and that a single tree can provide oxygen enough for three people? These are more than enough reasons to limit or eliminate the use of paper in companies. Digital transformation, besides being a necessity for organizations to be competitive, is contributing …

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Sign from anywhere in the world with electronic signature

firma electrónicamente desde cualquier lugar del mundo

Are you led to sign documents regularly? Nowadays, you can get contracts and other documents signed from anywhere thanks to the electronic signature. Start or reinforce the digital transformation of your company electronic signature so that all processes are streamlined, and customer service improved. Can I sign from anywhere with an electronic signature? The real …

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Benefits of esignature for SMEs

Are you looking to speed up your signature business processes? In many SMEs there are general services such as that provided by the legal or the human resources department, in which many repetitive processes are carried out and for which the signing of documents is necessary. Therefore, the speeding up of the process is therefore …

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